School Teachers (2001)

School Teachers (2001)


Sentaro Sakuragi (Tsuyoshi Domoto) moves to Tokyo from Osaka. He works now as an substitute elementary school teacher, in place of another teacher on maternity leave. Sentaro hopes to turn his class into the best class in all of Japan. Meanwhile, Sentaro lives in a ramen shop owned by Choichiro Asakura (Chosuke Ikariya). Choichiro is a conservative person but kind.

One day Choichiro’s second daughter Motoko (Yuko Takeuchi) rides the subway and notices a rude female high school student. The girl sits near a pregnant and doesn’t offer to give her seat to her. Motoko then asks the female student to her seat to the pregnant woman…

Other Name: ガッコの先生

Released: Oct. 07, 2001



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