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Sakura no Oyakodon

Sakura no Oyakodon


Sakura runs a secondhand bookstore in Tokyo. Customers of various age ranges visit her secondhand bookstore. Deep inside this bookshop is a room called the “meeting place.” People who do not have a place to go, gather in the room. She gives them oyakodon for free. In the room, people talk about themselves, while Sakura listens to them. She sometimes encourages them with her smile and sometimes sheds tears with them. Azami and Rie are leading a lifestyle full of delinquent behavior. One night, after being chased by mobs, Rie points out at the bookstore, a good place to get free food.

Other Name: さくらの親子丼

Released: Oct. 07, 2017



Genres: , , ,


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