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Rerng Rita (2020)

Rerng Rita (2020)

Rerng Rita (2020) is a 2020 Thailand Drama Starring Amy Amika KlinSmart Krissada Por and.Also Known As: Rerng Rita (2020)Air Time: Monday, Tuesday


Married for three years, Janis and Rawee remain childless. Rawee’s parents really want a grandchild, but he won`t pressure Janis, as loving her is the most important thing . Janis is already feeling guilty and he does not wish to hurt her. Janis has a chance encounter with Rita her childhood friend. Janis quite likes Rita and is keen to resume their friendship. They become close rather quickly, leaving Rawee feeling somewhat uneasy. Janis is unaware that Rita is still harboring a grudge from when they were younger. Rita feels that Janis ruined a relationship for her and she is not about to forgive Janis anytime soon. When Rawee`s parents amp up the pressure, Janis hires Rita to be her surrogate, leaving Rita with a clear path to exact her revenge. Janis` best friend Kanda begins to question Rita`s motives. warning Janis that things are just not as they seem. But her concerns fall on deaf ears as Janis always comes to Rita`s defense.

Other Name: เริงริตา

Released: Jul. 13, 2020



Cast: N/A

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