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My Wonderful Life Dramacool

My Wonderful Life Dramacool


The following Series My Wonderful Life is a 2020 Korean Drama Starring Choi Sung Jae, Shim Yi Young and Jin Ye Sol.

Also Known as: My Glorious Life / My Perfect Life

Air time: Monday to Friday


34-year-old Park Bok-Hee (Shim Yi-Young) is married to Ki Cha-Ban (Won Ki-Jun) and they have twin son (Choi Seung-Hoon) and daughter (Kwon Ji-Min). Due to her husband’s incompetence, Park Bok-Hee works hard to support her family. Nevertheless, Ki Cha-Ban has an affair and he wants a divorce. Park Bok-Hee ignores his divorce demand.

One day, Park Bok-Hee learns that she is the daughter of Ko Choong (Lee Jung-Kil) and Jo Eun-Lim (Kim Young-Ran). Ko Choong is part of a wealthy chaebol family that runs the Shinsang Group. Park Bok-Hee’s life is changed completely. Meanwhile, Ko Sang-A (Jin Ye-Sol), who is 34-years-old, has lived as the daughter of Ko Choong & Jo Eun-Lim for all of her life, but it turns out that she is not their real daughter.

Other Name: 찬란한 내 인생

Released: Jun. 29, 2020



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