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Marry Me (2020)

Marry Me (2020)


A story that follows a Ju Mu Er, a blind musician on a mission to find justice for her teacher’s death. Her journey brings her face to face with the wealthy Long Yue, and they pretend to be husband and wife while in pursuit of the case. Their fake relationship soon turns real when they start to fall in love. Ju Mu Er’s leisurely life comes to a devastating halt when her teacher, Shi Bo Yin, dies a wrongful death. She also loses her eyesight as a result and accidentally bumps into Long Yue, the richest man in the capital who is sly and arrogant has a sharp tongue and loves money as much as his own life.

Other Name: 三嫁惹君心

Released: Sep. 09, 2020



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Cast: N/A

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