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Hong Kong Love Stories

Hong Kong Love Stories


The warm male designer Chen Zilang (played by Luo Tianyu) and his idealistic girlfriend Qiu Kaiqi (played by Kung Jiaxin) are typical Hong Kong lovers who are forced to drift away due to land problems. The two sisters of Zi Lang, Chen Zixin (Wang Minyi) and Chen Ziting (You Jiaxin) have extreme personalities. Photographer Zixin sinks into the lost paradise of artist Ji Jiaxi (Xie Dongmin); the university goddess Zi Ting, who is both academic and academic, is the beginning of love The experience is based on reality, and the two sisters each have a relationship. Zilang and Kaiqi work hard to find a comfortable home. After they are married, they live in a more than 100-foot sub-house. In addition to facing the life friction of insufficient space, they also have to deal with the emotional crisis of their parents in their twilight years!

Other Name: 香港愛情故事

Released: Dec. 07, 2020



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