Hello Debate Opponent 2

Hello Debate Opponent 2


A coming-of-age story that follows a group of students with an interest in debate.

Freshman Bai Yu studies Culture Industry Management at Yingli University. He mistakenly attends the new member selection meeting of the debate club and ends up joining the club together with Yi Xiao Xi and others. Final-year student Gao Ting Ting, who dreams of winning the national University Debate Championship, now puts all her hopes on the new team. But the teacher in charge wants to give their practice room away, and in order to keep the room, Ting Ting’s team has to place first in the university’s own debate contest. Will their team of rookies with clashing personalities be able to achieve it?

Other Name: Hello Debate Opponent 2

Released: Apr. 15, 2019



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